DIY You Tube Maintenance Videos

This section covers do it yourself maintenance videos. There are 22 categories and 122 sub categories.  PLUMBING repairs basics rough-ins showers tips & tricks WOOD FLOORS installation in kitchens on concrete sanding staining refinishing CARPETING installation cleaning rooms stairs DIY dying LOCKS repair replacement ROOFING installation repair removal flat roof repair GUTTERS installation cleaning downspout repair […]

DIY Real Estate Riches

Getting rich in real estate is more common than most people think, most people in the world who are rich did it by renting and flipping houses and other real estate holdings. I myself have made it to the millionaires club thru real estate purchased thru state auctions. Its really not that hard to do, […]

Renting and Leasing Real-Estate for Profit

Renting property to provide extra income is truthfully how most people in the world became rich beyond their wildest dreams. It sounds nice rolling off the tongue but there is real work involved if you want to make any real money at it. And there are several factors that must be considered before plunging head […]

Flipping Houses for profits

Flipping houses can be a great way to get quick profits if you know how to work it. Unfortunately, I have no real knowledge about this vehicle of making money in real estate but just off the top of my head I would think buy low and sell high. Of course I would never buy […]

1st time home buyers are welcome here

Buying your first income producing property can be tricky business, its kind of like buying your first house. In my eyes there’s really no difference. You look for the best deal, in the best neighborhood, with the best schools nearby, and the best everything. on that note I thought it would be helpful if I […]

All Apps, WP 7, WP 8, and Windows 8

Metro Landlords 101 App For Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, all the info you need in your pocket or the palm of your hand. Available now for download in the Windows Phone Store.                   The Free Forms Marketing App is also available for download now at the […]