1st time home buyers are welcome here

Buying your first income producing property can be tricky business, its kind of like buying your first house. In my eyes there’s really no difference. You look for the best deal, in the best neighborhood, with the best schools nearby, and the best everything. on that note I thought it would be helpful if I dedicated a area of this site for our 1st time home buying sisters and brothers. There are some advantages of being a 1st time homeowner that could trickle over into the investment property realm such as buying a duplex or two to four family flat for a first home you could get tax breaks and income producing property and a place to live all in one fail swoop. Anyway I don’t claim to know it all but our buddies over at Ezine @rticles and You Tube seam to have a lot to say on the matter. If you have questions leave me a comment here and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.


From the Windows Phone 8 App swipe to the left or right for more info. Happy Hunting!!!


Go to the Ezine @rticles 1st time home buyers page


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