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Were splitting nickels!! 5 cent’s, 5 pennies, a nickel, In the advertising world its the lowest denomination you can spend, on a word, a keyword, and that’s per click through. I would bet that if you really tried that you could get your hands on 5 cent’s in less than 60 seconds from just about anyplace that you just happened to be on any day of the week. If you give the above mentioned nickel to google, bing, or yahoo. it would be gone on less than 60 seconds. Then where would you be? My guess, looking through the couch cushions for another nickel to give ‘em  cause you gotta get that next hit. If you give it to me I’ll make it last at least the whole day, and you may get more than 5 hits off of it making those hits cost only a penny. You don’t believe me, Do the math!  Most of you have 5 cent within view right now. Well if you are willing to part with just .05 cents per day and you are in need of effective advertising I think I may have a solution for you. Free Forms Marketing can host your advertisements on our premium real-estate forms located at ( http://usa-reo.net/ ) for the super low, low price of just a nickle a day. Browse thru our app and make your choice today.

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